“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”
Thomas Jefferson



A Spirits Bond -- Nicole S. Patrick

A Spirit's Bond

Self-proclaimed bachelor Dylan O'Brien is content with his new life in Havenport. No responsibilities besides building his veterinary practice, and fighting off the matchmaking women in town who see a doctor as marriage material. The single care free life is all he can handle. Except when a stray dog whose handler isn't quite out of picture needs Dylan's TLC, he discovers being alone isn't satisfying after all. He also meets gorgeous decorator Meghan LaRue and her design ideas aren't the only thing he's interested in. A date to the Havencroft Halloween Ball might be the right time for Dylan to consider giving up his solo life, in more ways than one.

Moving back to her hometown of Havenport means a new beginning for Meghan LaRue. Time for a fresh start, concentrate on raising her teenaged daughter alone, and build her interior design business. Love is not on the list of preferred designs. But when sexy, cute vet Dylan O'Brien enters the equation it might be time to rethink adding to her list of priorities to include him. Can she find the courage to have it all? Be a successful mom, businesswoman and trust in love again?

A Spirit's Bond was previously published in the Haunted Havenport anthology.

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