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Christmas in Havenport -- Nicole S. Patrick

Christmas in Havenport

Christmas in Havenport by Lita Harris, Nicole S. Patrick, Ruth A. Casie, Emma Kaye

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Seems like The Final Chapter bookstore is the place to be this Christmas. As the snow piles up, customers are hooking up left and right just in time for a little holiday cheer. Does this reporter's heart good to see it.


Havenport's favorite romantic comedy author said I'll Be Home for Christmas and she's made good on her word. Despite some rather nasty reviews on her new book, she'll be at The Final Chapter signing alongside the thriller writer we've all been drooling over lately. These two have been heating up the web with their rivalry and I can't wait to see the sparks fly in person. Something tells me our gal's in for a bit of a shock when she realizes the handsome hunk she was seen flirting with is actually her arch nemesis.


It's with a sad heart that I announce The Final Chapter bookstore will soon be closing its doors. But maybe there's still hope? The owner's niece seems to be at a crossroads and has shown interest in taking over the store. Lets hope the strong, silent-type newcomer she'd been seen cozying up to on the beach can convince her to take a chance and make a new life in this Winter Wonderland we call home.


Our Havenport Elementary School art teacher shocked the ladies at The Final Chapter book signing by reading a spell to "bring forth true love". Is it a coincidence a hottie dressed like a nineteenth century sailor showed up that same night? He may be giving her a bit of a cold shoulder now, but let's hope he warms up soon, because Baby, It's Cold Outside. (And just in case that spell really worked, I need a copy of that book, please.)


Please tell me someone snapped a picture of that little Scottish Terror, uh Terrier, we all know and avoid peeing on Havenport's car repairman extraordinaire. (Email all pics to Candy Apples via The Havenport Herald). I'll grant the former Marine had a right to be peeved, but my inside scoop says the dog's walker has a lot on her mind these days. She's a prosecutor hiding out at her sister's after suffering a brutal attack, and she's not out of danger yet. Thankfully, our Marine doesn't hold grudges, and has been seen doing a bit of reconnaissance over at Wags & Walks. Here's to hoping these two end up spending this White Christmas together.


We've got quite a storm heading our way, but I have a feeling no one's going to mind being snowed in.

Stay safe and warm everyone, and Merry Christmas!


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